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Fortnite is the most famous game among millennials. It has grown into among people more than just a game. It is a world where players come together and play. They have created their arena and witness virtual events. This is an open-world game playing in an online space. Fortnite is available for not just only for mobile users but also for the console. It is possible for both Android and iOS users. The age above 12 years is suitable for this game due to action features. Gameplay This game starts by taking your info and creating an account for you. Keep in mind this game is quite a full game with visuals and effects, so you should have enough space. It starts with building control, which is just like a map to learn. Then a mini tutorial, with a finger gesture trying to teach you how to start. One by one, it will ask you to find the marks first and then collect the equipment. Don’t worry; they will show you the use of each button. It has a great learning descriptive video to get you friendly with every feature. But then your turn, you have to kill the opponents and protect yourself. You have to be quick; otherwise, you will get killed. You can build your stuff and get the guns from the opponent by killing them. It has a big open map where you roam around and finds your next target. You can join leagues and have matches against opponents—also, lots of superguns and modes to play from. From the challenge table, you pick a challenge for yourself. Then there is a daily assignment that gives you tasks regularly and shows your progress. Visual Visual effects are fantastic for this big of the game. Everything has been created with in-depth detailing. The graphics are enormous for a mini-game on your mobile. From green valleys to the destroyed world, everything is neat and clean. The measurements have been taken in mind for every aspect of this game. Control The game is all about the control if the control goes wrong to believe me you won’t take a second to delete it as soon as possible. But the success of this game is the control which never goes wrong. You have proper control of your movement and the shoot you do. Final Verdict Fortnite is a famous battle royale concept that evolves from third-person shooter into the biggest hit of the planet this decade. No matter how old you are, you at least know about this game. This game was introduced to me by my niece, and she plays with her brothers all the time. The internet has gone gaga over the game, and even youtube has many videos where you can see people playing online. This game is the game that can’t come to an end at least for now and have all the access to the match and its features. I recommend this game at least try it once.

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