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Somewhat surprisingly, PUBG mobile provides a seamless transition to the portable domain. Even compared with its current-day console contemporaries, PUBG mobile stands up well. One slight downside, though, is the controls. Despite that minor caveat, though, PUBG teleports over to the mobile platform in scintillating style. Gameplay By now, I'm sure you all know the formula folks. But I'll fill you in, anyway. At its core, PUBG is a competitive survival-shooter for Android and iOS. Developed by Bluehole, PUBG mobile drops players onto a wide, open-ended warzone. Thus, forcing them to battle to the death until only one remains standing. It sounds like fun, right? Just like the console and PC versions, players can run the death gauntlet in either solo mode, as a duo, or part of a squad. Additionally, PUBG mobile is feature-rich, offering players four generously sized maps. These include Erangel, Miramar Sanhok, and Vikendi. Thanks to the varying terrain, each map allows for unique strategies to manifest. For instance, things like high vantage spots provide tactical benefits, while ground-level choke points can smother the enemy and catch them off guard. As with the PC game, you can also revive downed squad members, which comes in very handy during team play. On top of that, there's a surprising level of depth concerning the character and weapon customization. In turn, that makes switching gear and items on the fly a breeze. That said, you can only carry two primary weapons, one melee weapon, one pistol, and a set number of grenades at once. So, item management is the key to survival. With a wide range of weaponry at your disposal and a wholesome host of cosmetics to pick from, there's plenty of content to keep you invested for many years to come. Visuals Next up, we have the visuals. Not only is PUBG mobile top-notch in the technical sense, but it brings incredible visuals to the portable platform. After playing the game for many hours, I was surprised how good it looks. Sure, it's in no way near the graphical fidelity of PC, but for a mobile game, it's mightily impressive. Controls Lastly, we come to the controls. In all other aspects, PUBG mobile is a resounding success. But for me, the touchpad does detract slightly from the overall experience. However, I do confess. The touchscreen has always been my arch-nemesis. So, others more accustomed may deal with the layout better. Although over the years, I've gotten used to it. Movement with the joystick is decent and allows for fluid mobility. All the while, dragging your thumb across the screen rotates the camera. That's all well and good, and these are easy to master, but it's when you must use on-screen buttons simultaneously to open your backpack or crouch that things get complicated. Or even cumbersome. That said, the positives far outweigh the cons. And there's plenty of quality content to compensate for this. Final Verdict All in all, PUBG marks its arrival to the mobile scene in emphatic style. At times though, the touch screen controls feel finicky and are no substitute for the traditional mouse or gamepad set up. But that's a minute price to pay, considering the benefits of portable play, and an added sense of accessibility. On top of that, PUBG is an amazing technical feat for mobile, issuing a stable, fully-featured experience free of cost.

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